“Keith has always been proactive, determined and demonstrates a keen eye for detail, such that he is a pleasure to work alongside.” – Solicitor , Charles Russell

“I worked with Keith on the re-launch of our branded products Pick Me Foods, not only was Keith very good with communication, ideas and output but it was always a pleasure to work with him.” – Managing Director, Pick Me Foods

“This guy is an independent thinker and leader, give him a problem involving people and processes, and he will sink his teeth into it and not let go until he gets the result. Keith is hard working and very tenacious. If you want results and not just someone who goes though the motions, then look no further.” – Managing Director IPSL, Sheffield

“I had the pleasure of working with Keith at Huhtamaki’s International Leadership Program. In a very diverse group from all over the world he adapted immediately with his fellow team members. In 12+ months of exercises and presentations Keith made key contributions through collaboration, support and execution of our initiative. In his unselfish style he took our business proposition and turned it into a working proto-type which culminated in our groups’ victory amongst the contending global teams.

Keith’s keen interest, drive and business acumen were clearly demonstrated to me. Traveling through 6 countries over the span of a year to complete this initiative, he still managed his core business effectively. He was a positive contributor to our team, effectively managed his own team, and would be an asset to any group he works with.” – VP Sales USA, Huhtamaki

“Keith and I worked together at Huhtamaki in Leeds throughout a highly turbulent and challenging period for the Leeds site. Throughout the period Keith maintained the respect of everyone whilst securing continuance and growth for the site. A good operator, skilled in change management who ensures seamless communication between sales, manufacturing and the supply chain.” – Sales Executive Huhtamaki

“Keith served on our Executive Team as the facility manager for one of the larger manufacturing sites. In that role, he faced many challenges both technical and competitive in nature. He did an excellent job in driving operational improvement and team building whilst leading a significant QA/QC initiative that delivered material process improvement as well as bottom line gains” - Managing Director UK & NI, Huhtamaki

“Keith is especially strong in linking operational concerns with an informed awareness of commercial issues, making him an excellent business man who understands the link between company capabilities and customer needs. He does a very good job of communicating, both upward and downward, making sure the entire team under his guidance understands the mission”- Managing Director UK & NI, Huhtamaki – Van Leer